Reputation saved by Ghost Hunters

Reputation saved by Ghost Hunters

Today I received an email from a lady saying that she had a bad experience with our company 25 years ago and she hasn't thought much of us ever since. She went on to say that she now realizes that it was unreasonable of her to fault an entire company of plumbing contractors because of the actions of a single

Her image of Roto-Rooter recently changed, however, when she became a fan of the Ghost Hunters TV show and saw real life Roto-Rooter service technicians, Jason and Grant, performing actual plumbing services on TV. She said: "It's impressive to me that such a big name company would actively and proudly (through the many mentions of Roto Rooter on the show) support this series. Thank you! And if I ever need plumbing services in the future,   I will not hesitate to contact your company."

I apologized for whatever happened all those years ago to disappoint her and thanked her for giving us another chance to handle her plumbing repair or sewer cleaning needs the next time she needs us. We have a terrific workforce of plumbers but it's human to make mistakes or to have a bad day. Sometimes mistakes are made. But if you are ever disappointed in our work, please contact the local general manager. And if you still aren't satisfied, contact our customer satisfaction manager, Pat Swanson, through the Roto-Rooter web site. We want to keep you satisfied because we want you to call us again.

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