Repairing a Leak Under the Water Heater

Repairing a Leak Under the Water Heater

Water heaters serve a necessary role in homes throughout Jersey City. They work to quickly, efficiently heat the water throughout your home so that you can effectively clean your dishes, laundry, and enjoy a hot shower or warm bath at the end of a long day.

A reliable water heater can remain in your home for up to 10 - 20 years with proper maintenance. One way to ensure that your water heater is working properly and will reach its life expectancy is to address any Jersey City water heater repair service needs right away, before a small problem gets any worse. Unfortunately, if your water heater has lived up to this 10 - 20 year life expectancy, then a leak is often the sign of a large problem that cannot be repaired. In this case, you should be grateful that your water heater lasted for over a decade and then move onto a new one.

There are a number of potential causes that may be leading to your water heater leaking. This is why it can be so difficult for the average homeowner to successfully complete Jersey City water heater repair problems on their own. Fortunately, we can determine the cause of the problem and appropriately address it to ensure that your water heater is working properly again.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

Unfortunately, when it comes to a leaky water heater that continually seems to have a problem, it is likely time to replace the water heater altogether. If you find that there is a continuous leak, but your water heater seems to be working otherwise, then you may consider having a water alarm installed, or some other precautionary measure, that can alert you if there is a leak in the future. This is especially ideal if your water heater is located in an area that is not commonly frequented as it can quickly alarm you of a problem before it gets out of hand.

Due to the complexity of the inner workings, water heaters are usually rather expensive and are often out of a family’s budget due to the unexpectedness of the situation. However, we understand that our customers need a reliable water heater, installed by a skilled professional, to ensure their safety and comfort. That is why we are proud to offer flexible payment plans to help you afford any necessary services now that you can then pay off in the future.

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