Regular Plumbing Maintenance Helps Prevent Drain Clogs

Regular Plumbing Maintenance Helps Prevent Drain Clogs

Clogged drains happen to the best of us, but simply being aware of what you are putting down the drain can help to prevent a problem. Following up with the necessary plumbing maintenance and keeping your drains and plumbing fixtures clean and debris-free will help to prevent clogs and further plumbing problems.

Typically, bathroom clogs are caused by one of six common issues:

  1. Hair in the shower drain—Nobody wants to lose hair in the shower, so this is not something you can prevent. However, by simply cleaning out the hair accumulated in your drain, you can help to prevent a clog. You may also consider investing in a mesh strainer or a stopper to help catch any hair.
  2. Soap scum—This is natural and is difficult to prevent. However, keeping your bathroom clean and wiping down your sinks and shower on a weekly basis will help to cut down on soap scum.
  3. Foreign objects—Many people put things like Q-tips, tampon applicators, cotton balls, diapers, facial scrub pads, baby wipes, and other foreign items down the drain. These items won’t dissolve and will quickly cause a clog. This is what your trashcan is for. Along with being harmful to your plumbing system, dumping items down the drain is also harmful to the environment, so place these items in the trash, where they belong.
  4. Toys—If you have children, keep the toilet seat down! There are few things more tempting to a child than dropping keys, toys, and other harmful items into the toilet and then watching them being flushed away. Toys are one of the most common causes for toilet clogs, so keep the seat down or invest in a child-proof toilet latch so that your child cannot lift the seat.
  5. Gum or other sticky items—It should go without saying that gum can stick to your pipes and cause a problem down the road. However, plumbers commonly receive service calls that are caused by gum being flushed down the toilet.
  6. Cleaning products—Many homeowners use their shower to dump water, cleaning products, and waste when they are cleaning their home. Be aware of what you are dumping down the shower drain. After all, it is just a drain and completely susceptible to clogs.

Even with good plumbing maintenance, drain clogs are bound to happen at some point. If you have a clog, make sure to call a plumber right away to clear your drains before the problem becomes any worse.

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