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Pumpkin Carving Fun Often Leads to Clogged Drains

November 07, 2015

It’s a family event in late October when many American households carve a pumpkin into a Halloween jack-o-lantern. The kids delight in the whole process, especially when mom and dad let junior scoop the pumpkin pulp out of the pumpkin. But what happens next is the scary part. Often, those slimy pumpkin guts are pushed down the sink drain then the disposal is turned on to chop it into tiny bits before the water washes it away. Except, it doesn’t quite work that way because pumpkin pulp should NEVER go down the drain!

Any plumber will tell you that pumpkin guts will do a number on your garbage disposal and your kitchen drain. Most disposals will choke on the sticky stuff and what does get through will stick to the walls of the pipes then dry like fiberglass resin mixed with glue! Trust us when we tell you this exercise is definitely more trick than treat for a homeowner. Roto-Rooter can cut the gunk out but it’s not quick, easy or cheap.

A better idea is to carve your pumpkin on a thick bed of newspaper. And when the carving is done, toss the whole mess into your compost pile. If you don’t compost, throw it in the trash can. Oh, and in case you think you can flush those pumpkin guts down the toilet, you can…but you’ll be sorry! We’ve seen it done and the results were not pretty. Since we’ve just about seen it all, we urge you to heed our warning and listen to the experts. Check out our pumpkin carving tips video and enjoy a clog-free Halloween.


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