Protect Your Worcester, MA Plumbing for Winter | Roto-Rooter

Protect Your Worcester, MA Plumbing for Winter | Roto-Rooter

Protect Worcester Plumbing
Winter time can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of cold weather activities to partake in, like ice skating, skiing and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. These are the great memories that come to mind when you think of winter. On the other hand, this kind of weather in New England can have its downfall. Snow and ice make the roads hard to drive on, shoveling can be exhausting and below-zero temperatures can get old fast. In addition, winter in Worcester is the time when your home can experience some of the most extensive and expensive wear and tear. This year, winterize your plumbing and protect your home this season with these simple tasks:

Begin with your pipes

When it comes to protecting your home during the winter, the water fixture you should be most worried about is your pipes. If not insulated properly, the water inside these tubes can freeze over time. As a result, you could find your home without running water. But it doesn't stop there. When water turns to ice, it expands and puts a strain on your pipes and possibly leading to them to split open. This water leakage - regardless of how little or big – won’t show itself until the pipes thaw. Water from a burst pipe can quickly damage your home, resulting in expensive and extensive repairs. So, what can you do to prevent frozen pipes?

To protect your plumbing and prevent frozen pipes, insulate your water pipes! You can easily do this alone, or if you don't trust yourself, call a professional plumber. Insulation will provide an outer layer of fibrous material to keep your pipes warm. This is especially important in places where your pipes are exposed to cold air, no heat and hardly any insulation, like basements, garages and attics. A simple, easy and inexpensive layer of insulation will greatly reduce the chance of any pipe-freezing issues. Learn more about protecting your plumbing all year round with our helpful seasonal plumbing tips.

Drip those faucets

Most people find it surprising that letting your water fixtures drip can actually help prevent plumbing complications. Allowing your faucets to drip water during the coldest periods will help prevent ice from forming inside your water pipes and prevent frozen pipes. View our plumbing basics to learn more about the plumbing throughout your home.

Check your heat

Protecting your plumbing systems won't do the trick without proper heat in your home. Run your furnace no lower than 55 degrees. In addition, check all your vents to ensure they're not covered by furniture or rugs. Opening your kitchen and bathroom sink cabinet doors will help the warm air circulate around your plumbing fixtures. Consider heating devices for rooms that are always cool.

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