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Protect Your Home from Rainwater in Maple Ridge

June 06, 2016

Torrential spring rainstorms can wreak havoc on your Burlington, Ontario, home. Your tchotchkes are starting to go under and your furniture is getting wet. If you act quickly and call your local Burlington Roto-Rooter professional, he or she can help you track down the leak to help put a stop to the flood.

But before the expert arrives, there are certain measures you can take to start the cleanup process. So put your bathing suit on, slip on those arm floaties, and get to work!

Here are four tips for cleaning your home after a flood:

Turn your power off and unplug appliances

If your home still has power, disconnect that immediately to prevent power shocks and appliance damage. This also means unplugging any electronic devices like the TV, microwave, floor lamps, etc. The faster you do this, the more likely these items will come back to life once the water is completely pumped out of your home.

Move furniture and area rugs

Next, you'll want to move furniture and roll up any area rugs. Store these items somewhere dry or even set them outside for the time being. Water will cause leather furniture to fade and stretch. Suede, cotton, linen or wool will act like a sponge and absorb water. Unfortunately, you may not be able to save items made from these materials if you don't get them out fast enough.

Air your home out

Airing out your home is crucial in order to get rid of that musty smell and prevent mold growth. Open up all of your windows and doors, and turn every single fan on (again, if you have power). This will allow air to circulate throughout your entire home and help dry it out faster.

Remove the water

To collect water, use the old-fashioned method of filling up buckets with as much liquid as they can hold. Instead of wasting water, consider taking the more sustainable route of dumping the water out on your lawn to provide some nourishment for your garden. You can even try and mop some of that water up with old rags and towels. Your sump pump should also be working to drain the swimming pool that is now your home, but if your electricity isn't working, neither will the pump.

If you do have electricity, but the pump doesn't appear to be draining the water, contact your Burlington Roto-Rooter water cleanup professionals immediately.


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