Proper Pipe and Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Proper Pipe and Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Believe it or not you do not have to be a plumber to make repairs on a home plumbing system.  For homeowners living in older houses it’s wise to learn plumbing basics so you can respond appropriately when problems arise. For example, if a pipe breaks and your basement starts flooding you should be able to complete the following:

First, locate the main water shut off valve on the property and turn it off. This will stop water from continuing to flood.

  1. Second, call Roto-Rooter immediately for emergency service.
  2. Third, while waiting for the technician, try to get as much water off the floor as possible to minimize water damage. If you have a shop-vacuum this is a good time to use it.

Knowing how to respond to problems is the best way to protect a property from serious damage. In an effort to help our customers better maintain their home plumbing system, we have assembled this helpful guide.

High Water Pressure

If the water pressure in a system is too high it can cause a lot of problems with the rest of your plumbing.  You might notice that turning faucets on and off results in loud banging noises. These are known as water hammers and they are fairly common. While the hammer alone is not an indication of a problem, the shifting pipes they may cause, are. In fact, if water pressure is over 60 psi, pipes will start to leak as they give under the force.  To fix this issue have a Roto-Rooter technician make appropriate adjustments to the water regulator on the property.

Clogs in the Kitchen and Bathroom Drains

Over time dirt and grime starts to stick to the sides of pipe walls making it necessary to use cleaners, like Roto-Rooter Pipe Cleaner.

Once the lines are cleaned  Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield is a good maintenance product .  Regular use  will retard the build- up of dirt and grime and keep the lines running freely.

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