Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Being proactive about maintaining the health of your drains is the first step to avoid any messy and unnecessary surprises, like clogged drains, when you least expect it. We can help you customize a drain maintenance program that can be performed on a regular basis that will minimize the need for any emergency work whether it is residential or commercial.

The North St. Paul plumbers at Roto-Rooter can put together a preventative maintenance agreement for your house or place of business. To ensure that it is being kept up on, we will personally call to remind you when it's time for us to clean your drains and schedule your next appointment. These customers receive significant discounts off the regular rates and the agreement never expires unless you choose to discontinue service.

So, if your home and/or business are having frequent drain issues, Roto-Rooter, your local North St. Paul plumbing company, is here to assist. If you want to prevent kitchen sink clogs and keep your garbage disposer operating properly, avoid any stringy vegetables such as celery, asparagus, rhubarb, corn husks, etc. Also, avoid putting pasta down the drain and use plenty of water. LET THE WATER RUN FOR ABOUT 1 MINUTE AFTER THE DISPOSAL HAS STOPPED GRINDING. The same goes for peelings from carrots and potatoes and others. Positively no grease should ever go down the kitchen sink drain. It will harden in the pipes. Put grease into a jar and throw it out in the trash. Wipe greasy plates and pans off with a paper towel before washing them. 

Use a lint trap on laundry discharge hose, use a hair snare for the bathtub and dhow drains. Only toilet paper should go into a toilet bowl, no pre-moistened wipes, feminine hygiene products, facial tissue or paper towels. Never throw dental floss or Q-Tips down a toilet.

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