3 Simple Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Manchester, NH

3 Simple Ways to Prevent Water Damage in Manchester, NH

Knowing the warning signs of water damage in your home and how to curb these issues from even happening in the first place will forever help you as a homeowner.

You aren't expected to know the ins and outs of plumbing by any means. However, to prevent a catastrophe in your Manchester, New Hampshire, home, it is strongly recommended you familiarize yourself with the basics.

Here are three simple ways to prevent water damage in and around you home:

Check your water bill

If you never check your water bill, now is the time to start. This is a simple yet vastly effective way to see if you have a cracked or leaking pipe. We know what you're thinking: "How is my bill going to tell me if I have a leak?" Easy: If your bill suddenly skyrocketed, this most likely indicates water is constantly running somewhere throughout your home. With the number of pipes that are hidden behind the walls and beneath the floorboards, you may never even know when (or where) there might be a problem. A higher bill is a definite warning sign that there's a leak somewhere.

Clean your gutters

This is another straightforward way to prevent water damage that often gets ignored. During fall and winter, your gutters, spigots and downspouts collect leaves, sticks and other debris. These items block the flow of water and clog the gutters. The result? Excessive overflow that leads to flooding and possible damage. With spring comes heavy rainfall, so don't forget to do this before the first storm hits. Skip it, and you might be left with a leaky roof or a pool in your basement.

Watch where you garden

You may have never thought about this one before, but it will definitely be beneficial in the long run - for both your home and wallet. Shrubs and trees that have invasive roots (like weeping willows) can cause major damage to your outdoor plumbing systems. Their tough roots might grow into your sprinkler system, drainage field, sewer pipes or even hit your septic tank. Keep your deep rooted plants away from water lines and a relatively large distance from your sprinkler systems.

For more information on how to prevent water damage, contact your Manchester Roto-Rooter professional today.

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