Preparing Your Plumbing System For Rain in Concord | Roto-Rooter

Preparing Your Plumbing System For Rain in Concord | Roto-Rooter

Running waterFall is getting ready to begin, and with it comes a few key problems for your plumbing system. North Carolina may not feel the brunt of tropical storms raging in the Gulf of Mexico, but the weather patterns do experience some of the leftovers for when these storms – or hurricanes – make it inland. Therefore, it's important that as you think about preparing your home for the fall, you consider what the fall rains are doing to your plumbing.

Let's take a look at some things you should keep in mind as the end of summer approaches, bringing with it some late-season rain and tropical storm residue:

Consider a backup sump pump

For especially rainy areas or if the tropics are particularly active this year, it may be a good idea to think about installing a backup sump pump in your basement. A backup sump pump is exactly what it sounds like: It's there in case your primary appliance fails. To help prevent water damage, a backup sump pump could be the thing you need. It also will be important in case your basement floods in the torrential downpour that could come from the next tropical storm event.

Backdrafting is an issue

When your water gas heater experiences a backdraft, this means that potentially hazardous gases are being sucked back into the home. This could be because your vent stack is blocked and preventing carbon monoxide from leaving the house. This problem is exacerbated by humidity and wet weather events.

Watch out for debris

Along the same lines, you should make sure there isn't any debris in your storm drains or in the stack pipes that run from your furnace to the roof to vent gases. It would be a good idea to cover each pipe opening on your roof with mesh or hardware cloth. Not only could the debris cause backups in your plumbing system, it might look inviting for small creatures that could crawl into your pipes.

As always, when it comes time to weather-proof your plumbing system and conduct assessments of your home's pipes, it can make a difference to seek guidance on topics you’re unfamiliar with. Get in touch with your local Roto-Rooter experts for more information.

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