Practical Jokes Plumbers Play at Home

Practical Jokes Plumbers Play at Home

Everyone likes a good laugh, as long as it is not at their expense. Of course, none of us escape being the brunt if a good laugh from time to time. If you live with a plumber you have likely learned of some of the practical jokes that plumbers like to play on their unsuspecting family. Of course, it does not take long for them to become very suspicious people of the plumber who is playing the jokes around the house. Here are some of the top jokes they like to play.

We all love to use the sprayer in the kitchen sink. Whoever had that idea was a genius. That one invention has done a lot for the way that we clean dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. However, for a plumber, there is a practical joke waiting to happen. First, they carefully position the sprayer so that it is pointing in the direction that would be the most common for a family member to be standing when they came to the kitchen sink to turn on the water. They then use a think rubber band to hold the trigger down. Now they sit and wait for the unsuspecting victim to come to the sink. Once the person turns on the sink water, they are immediately and continuously sprayed with the kitchen sink sprayer until they can figure out what happened. This is a great joke for those watching, but the plumber in the family who did this better be prepared to say sorry and help the victim right away because they tend to be very angry.  Of course, all will laugh at it looking back.

One other practical joke that many plumbers like to play involves the toilet. Of course, no one gets to be present to see this one, but it is a fun one. By adjusting a few things in the tank a plumber can cause the water that would be going back into the bowl to instead, come out at the person sitting on the toilet. Of course, the plumber in the house would want to be close by so that they can make sure the mess is contained to a small amount. However, that can be hard to do because of how hard they are laughing. Again, the recipient of the joke is not likely to think that it is funny when it happens. This will take a day or two for them to laugh, but that is okay because you can laugh the whole time and then have a partner in crime on the next one.

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