Pool drains clog but Roto-Rooter unclogs them

November 28, 2015

The seasons are starting to change here in the Mid-South and leaves are about to fall everywhere. Although these leaves are beautiful they can cause huge problems if you have a swimming pool. The Memphis plumbers at Roto-Rooter have the right equipment and experienced plumbers to solve any outside pool drain stoppage you may have. A clogged drain on a pool can stump a lot of companies, but we know how to clear any clog quickly and safely.

Roto-Rooter Plumber, Jermaine Ray, is our "go-to guy" on all pool drains. He has the necessary experience to solve your pool drain problems and help you get your pool prepared for the winter. If you have leaves, dirt or debris blocking your pool drain, call the Memphis plumbing company that is preferred by more people than any other, Roto-Rooter of Memphis. We will take good care of you. You may visit our home page for more information or just give us a call at 901-323-4285.


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