Plumbing Tips:Taking Good Care of Your Toilet

Plumbing Tips:Taking Good Care of Your Toilet

Do you like your toilet? Is it the perfect place to relax and read the daily newspaper? Have you ever had to deal with a severely clogged toilet? Perhaps you resorted to calling one of our expert Roto-Rooter technicians, with years of experience in plumbing in Jersey City, to unclog your toilet and make your bathroom a happy place to be, once again.

The Toilet Flush Cycle

A toilet is a hardy appliance that makes your life so much easier. If you can imagine, not too many years ago, residential homes all across the country had to rely on outside toilets. Inside plumbing was not prevalent in that many houses.

A toilet is a simple machine that operates on gravity and water. When you push down on the flush lever, a rubber stopper located in the bottom of the tank is pulled up. A few gallons of water in the tank, acting under the power of gravity, flows down into the toilet bowl and pushes the waste products in the bowl through the curved trap in the toilet and out into the sewer. Immediately after the water leaves the tank, the rubber stopper falls back over the hole, and the float valve in the tank turns on the fresh water supply and the system begins to fill back up. When the float reaches its maximum level, the switch turns off the water supply and the toilet is ready for its next flush cycle.

Toilet Maintenance

A clogged toilet is one of the most common things you will deal with. You should keep a toilet plunger close to the toilet for those occasions when it is needed. In addition, a plunger will save your guests from embarrassment if the toilet is clogged when they use it. They can simply grab the plunger and take care of the problem.

A few times a year, pull the lid off the toilet tank and make sure all the moving parts are free of hard water build-up and corrosion. Pouring a cup of retail calcium-dissolving solution into the tank may be necessary about once a year to remove the hard water build-up. Replace worn or broken fixtures in the tank as often as needed.

Sometimes severe clogs occur. For example, sanitary supplies can create clogs that require a professional Roto-Rooter technician, with years of experience in plumbing in Jersey City, to fix the problem.

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