Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Better Flow: Roto-Rooter St Paul

Plumbing Tips and Tricks for Better Flow: Roto-Rooter St Paul

Are you a careful homeowner? Do you take pride in the upkeep of your home? Do you like to stay 5 steps ahead on our to-do list? Surprisingly, even the most astute housekeeper will overlook the plumbing until there is water on the floor. Don't be too hard on yourself; after all, plumbing is out of sight and out of mind. St Paul Plumbing giant, Roto-Rooter, is the trusted name in quality plumbing care. We have been around since 1935 and have seen just about everything you can imagine. With millions of happy customers and great products to boot, we are excited to share some great tips and tricks for better flow in your plumbing.

Clogged toilets are the most common problem that people deal with. They happen all the time because they are used so much. Over the course of a few weeks, a toilet can get clogged just when you least expect it. To prevent toilet clogs, consider the following:

  • Never flush solid objects. Rocks, plastic, garbage, toys, food, and much more do not belong in the toilet. Many people treat their commodes like a garbage disposal and end up with serious blockages that can cause overflowing.
  • Only flush natural waste and toilet paper. Even those things can leave residue buildup that can quickly turn into a full on clog. Toilet paper is designed to dissolve easily for flushing, but use too much of it at a time and you're looking at toilet plunger duty.
  • Clean your throne. As the king or queen of the house, you need to keep it classy. Toilets need to be cleaned regularly using cleaning products formulated for toilet bowl care.

Leaky faucets are another common problem plaguing bathrooms and kitchens all over the world. Most people ignore them if they are only a bit drippy. The problem is that over time leaky faucets can get worse and worse as the dripping water corrodes its way through the brass fittings. After a while, your faucet may be beyond repair and require a complete replacement.

When you notice that your faucet is a bit leaky, take the head off the spout and take a look inside. You should see a washer inside set against the seat. Water presses on this washer and it keeps water out when the faucet is turned off. If you notice that it doesn't fit right anymore, take it in to a Roto-Rooter professional to help you find a replacement washer. With a little love, your faucet will be like new again.

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