Plumbing Solutions: Roto-Rooter Water Heater Information

Plumbing Solutions: Roto-Rooter Water Heater Information

Water heaters are an important part of the water system in your home. With plumbing carrying water to and from the premises, it is up to the water heater to make that water tolerable for showers. It also provides enough of a supply to be able to run a dishwasher, clothes washer, and anything else that needs hot water on demand. With water heaters costing anywhere from 5-10 grand to replace, it is really important to take care of your existing unit and choose a great replacement when the time comes to get the most for your money. With plumbing repair in Albuquerque costing enough as it is, the last thing you need to do is add to the burden from an overpriced water heater.

One thing you should always make sure and do is schedule an annual or biannual inspection of your heating unit. Water heaters run hard all day and night to keep your hot water ready for when you need it. Over time, however, most systems get bogged down pretty badly and need some tuning up, cleaning, and repairs. While these repairs will cost you a little bit, it is much less than replacing a broken and neglected water heater and will save you money in the long run.

Another way to take better care of your water heater is to make sure that your water softener is always working correctly. The minute your softener stops working, hard water starts to do a number on the heating unit. Calcium starts to clog up the mechanics and the water can erode much faster than normal. By simply keeping your water softener working at all times, you will literally cut your water heater problems in half and even extend the life of the entire unit.

Most water heaters only last on average 11 years. These older units, if taken care of, can last a bit longer, maybe 15-20 years if treated right. But, like most machines, they have to be replaced sometime so it is worth knowing what your options are. One of the more popular choices today is the tank-less variety. They are thermal heaters that kick in on demand. This means that when you turn on the hot water, the unit zaps the water hot as it passes through a coil. As a result, it runs less, uses less energy while running, and saves you a lot of money in energy each month.

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