Plumbing Repairs May Be Needed On Your Sump System

Plumbing Repairs May Be Needed On Your Sump System

Have you ever heard of a sump pump? Perhaps you have noticed that small recessed area in your basement utility room that contains a unique appliance that you couldn’t identify. There may be other pipes and utility supply implements in this room that seem odd or mysterious to you. Do not feel bad, basements are not common in Oklahoma City and many people can’t identify the various utility hardware devices in their home. What is important is that these things work. When they do not, you will need an expert in plumbing repair in Oklahoma City to stop by and fix the problems.

Many residential areas have high water tables. This means that the ground water collects near the surface, an occurrence that usually takes place in the springtime. Since your home is built on a foundation or you have a basement, cellar or crawl space that is sunk into the ground, it is necessary to remove that ground water from the area around your foundation or basement so that your home does not flood.

This is done by creating a hole or sump pit in your basement flooring where the ground water will flow. A specialized pump is mounted in the hole. Attached to the pump is a float switch. When the water rises to the proper level the float switch activates the pump, which removes the water from the pit and sends it into your home’s sewer system.

It is necessary to check your home’s sump system occasionally to make sure it works properly. We recommend doing this early in the springtime. To perform this simple check, remove the covering from your sump system. Visually inspect your pump and make sure all moving parts are free to move. Take notice of any large amounts of hard-water calcium build-up. This can be removed with a retail solution designed to dissolve hard-water residue. Lift the float and make sure the pump turns on. If it does not or you notice damage to your sump system that prevents it from working properly, call Roto-Rooter for sump pump plumbing repair in Oklahoma City.

Keep in mind that if your sump pump does not work, your home is in danger of flooding. Avoid that crisis by calling our knowledgeable technicians as soon as possible. We will respond any time, day or night, seven days a week. Chances are your system will just need a tune-up. We will provide you with an estimate, including labor and any parts that may be needed to fix your sump system, or an estimate for installation of a whole new system.


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