Plumbing Repair Made Easy: Leaky faucets

Plumbing Repair Made Easy: Leaky faucets

Did you know that you can take care of some household repairs on your own? With a little DIY spunk, you can tackle a lot of the basic repairs that come your way in your house. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment you get from fixing the roof, a creaky floorboard, or organizing the garage. In fact, it is especially satisfying to take on a repair that you never thought you could do. Here at Roto-Rooter, we are all about empowering customers with the resources and information they need to get the job done right. Our products for plumbing repair in Fresno are the best in the industry and have been trusted by generations of customers since 1935. With that said, consider the following information for better home plumbing care.

Leaky faucets are super common in houses all over the place. It is important to know that some are also very easy to fix. If you notice a drippy faucet somewhere in your house, make sure to nip the problem in the bud as soon as possible. Since water is naturally erosive, the seeping leak will actually ruin the brass fittings in your plumbing over time. Also, you can waste up to $20 of water a month per drippy faucet. Add up a few of those and you will quickly realize it is worth your time to get them fixed. To start, reach under the sink and turn the hot and cold water handles to the off position. Second, use a wrench to loosen the nut holding the faucet head in place. Now that you have removed the faucet head, take a look inside at the sealant washer. It should be against a seat. It sits in place perfectly and regulates flow when working properly. If the washer is damaged or warped, you will need to replace it with a new one. While you’re in there, replace the other visible O-rings and washers. Put it all back together and your faucet should be as good as new.

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