Plumbing Repair: It's Important to Understand

Plumbing Repair: It's Important to Understand

Keeping a house up and running the way it should is a full-time job, or so it seems. Just when you think you've got it all under control, something else pops up and demands your time and attention. Plumbing does just that and can often times throw expensive curve balls your way at just the wrong moment. The reason for this is that many plumbing issues start manifesting themselves as little things that are easily overlooked until they develop into larger, out of control problems. In these types of situations, plumbing repair in Minneapolis through Roto-Rooter is the best way to get things back to normal again. From all of our experience we've gained over our many years in the industry, we've taken a few things and placed them here for your reading. Consider the following tips and ideas for taking better care of your plumbing.

  • Drippy faucets are a major problem that most houses can suffer from. In fact, as you're trying to sleep tonight, listen to see if you can hear drips leaking somewhere in your home. Did you know that leaky faucets waste up to $20 a month in water? Add up a couple of those around the house and you are looking at a fairly hefty bill that you can completely get rid of. Also, water is extremely erosive. All the seeping water will eventually ruin the faucet fitting altogether, so it is certainly worth your time to get things fixed right away. Luckily, leaks are extremely easy to fix. Using a wrench to loosen and remove the faucet head, take a look inside. There should be a washer set against the seat. If it is uneven, out of place, or warped at all, it is best to replace it. Making sure that the new piece sets into place perfectly, you can reattach the faucet. Your leak should be gone for good.
  • Frozen pipes plague thousands of houses each winter. As the temperatures start to drop, the water inside pipes begins to freeze. Did you know that water expands as it freezes? As it starts to expand, trapped air pockets get compressed. As the pressure rises, the trapped air eventually forces its way out, bursting through pipes, causing cracks or shattering the pipe. To prevent this from happening, make sure to boost the insulation in your walls. For pipes exposed outside, wrap the pipe in the specially made insulation to avoid freezing problems.

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