Plumbing Problems: Sump Pump and Water Heater Repair

Plumbing Problems: Sump Pump and Water Heater Repair

In Virginia Beach, water heater repair is a common plumbing problem. Water heaters are mechanical devices that will eventually wear out. Sometimes, they even break down, due to an abundance of sediment build-up in the tank. Other common plumbing problems are leaky faucets, clogged drains, and sump pump malfunctions. Some folks like to perform their own plumbing maintenance. If you are one of those people, here are a few tips:

Sump Pump Maintenance and Repairs

If you live in an area that has a high water table, you most likely have a sump pump installed in your basement or under your home in the crawl space. This device keeps the excess water from pooling under your home or in your basement. Without this device, your basement could become a swimming pool overnight.

A sump system works flawlessly day and night, all year long. However, it is a good idea to test your pump periodically to make sure it still works properly. The easiest way to do this is to pour a bucket of water into the sump pit. The water should disappear within a few seconds. If it does not, call your Roto-Rooter technician as soon as possible.

There are a few moveable parts on the sump system that need to remain moveable in order for the system to work properly. If you notice corrosion or hard water deposits on any moveable parts, like the float for example, clean it off with a retail product bought from your local hardware store.

Check the sump pit screen periodically to remove any debris that would obstruct the free flow of water seeping into the pit. Check the pit to make sure there is no garbage or other objects that would obstruct the normal operation of the system.

If you find your sump system is suddenly not operating as it should, check the float switch. Do this by manually raising the float. This action should cause the float switch to actuate, which, in turn, causes the pump to turn on. If you find that the switch is faulty, replace it. If you know the switch is working properly, then the problem could be a faulty pump. Sump pumps can be purchased from many hardware stores. When replacing your pump, be sure to get the model number from your old one in order to purchase an identical part.

If you run into any complicated issues with your Virginia Beach, VA, water heater repair, sump pump repair, or air conditioning system, be sure to contact your local Roto-Rooter professionals as soon as possible.

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