Plumbing Problems, Solutions, and Tips from Roto-Rooter

Plumbing Problems, Solutions, and Tips from Roto-Rooter

Your house is your castle. It is a place of refuge from the world and an abode for relaxation....... or is it? Houses take a lot of work to maintain. Unless you can afford to hire on help, you are the one responsible for fixing any issue. If it isn't a fire in the kitchen, it's going to be a mess in the backyard. As you try to tackle each thing as it comes your way, it is easy to forget what is going on behind your walls. Plumbing is an extremely important part of every home as it brings water to the house and carries away waste. When a clogged toilet or frozen pipe demands your attention, they do it in a big messy way. Since 1935, millions of customers have relied on the service, products and skill of Roto-Rooter to help solve their plumbing problems. From all the experience we've gained, consider the following when dealing with plumbing problems in Indianapolis.

The fact of the matter is that you can handle most minor plumbing problems on your own. A clogged toilet, for example, is a common issue you can combat with a toilet plunger. It does a great job in most cases at dealing with backed up flushes. What usually clogs a toilet is excessive use of toilet paper. Even though, it is designed to dissolve in water and be flushed fairly easily, it can still cause problems if you don't split up the load into a couple flushes. Also, always avoid flushing food, garbage or solids that were never meant to be flushed. Remember, the toilet is a commode, not a garbage disposal.

Clogged drains, just like toilets, happen often and can be combated with the simple means of your own two hands, some tools and a little cleaning product. Whether you are in the kitchen or in the bathroom take a look down the drain and see if you can pull out whatever is causing the clog. In bathroom sinks, buildup of hair and other scum can be easily removed with a screwdriver. In the kitchen, make sure that a strainer is set in place so that stray food particles are caught. Pipe cleaner or pouring boiling water down the drain do a great job of stripping away sticky gunk and preventing frequent clogs.

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