Plumbing Problems Include Sump Pump Malfunctions

Plumbing Problems Include Sump Pump Malfunctions

Have you ever had your basement flood? Did your sump pump stop working, which caused the problem? One thing we realize in life is that Murphy’s Law does intrude on our lives occasionally. What can go wrong often does and then we have to make the best out of correcting the problem. Even though it is unenjoyable to see water sitting on our basement floor, we know we can clean up and correct the problem. We know there are professionals nearby that can fix plumbing problems in Nashville. They are only a phone call away.

Sump pumps are often overlooked appliances that sit in the recessed areas of our basement. They pump out the water that accumulates, in regions with a high water table, during certain times of year (especially in the springtime), outside surface water collects. Since our basements are sitting down in the ground, they are prone to flooding if there isn’t something catching the water. A brilliant plan was conceived, a small hole in the foundation flooring is made and a pump is placed in the hole. A float valve is connected to the pump so when water enters the hole, the pump automatically turns on and the water is pumped into the drainage system and whisked away.

If your sump pump somehow fails to work, the accumulation of water will build up and eventually pour into your basement. Thus, there is a need to check this pump occasionally to make sure it is working properly. The process is simple.

  • Remove the cover from the sump pit. Examine the pump and make sure all the moving parts still move. A build up of corrosion is common and may inhibit the device from working properly.
  • Check to make sure there isn’t garbage or other debris that has fallen into the pit. A clog may cause the pump not to work properly.
  • Lift the float and make sure the pump starts. If it does not, call our office immediately. Do not delay, as this may be the deciding factor between your basement flooding or not.

Remember, plumbing problems in Nashville may occur at any time. However, you know you have a friend in the plumbing business you can call at any time, day or night. Our technicians will arrive, diagnose your problem and give you a free estimate to fix the problem, including materials and labor. You can rest easy knowing it will be done correctly.

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