Plumbing Problems: Easy Preventative Maintenance

Plumbing Problems: Easy Preventative Maintenance

Are you a proud homeowner? Do DIY projects get you excited? Are Saturday chores, yard-work, and regular cleaning a part of your weekly schedule? If you answered yes to any of these questions or feel that you should answer yes, then this article might be helpful for you. Even the most active homeowner oftentimes runs into problems he or she could not foresee. With plumbing problems in Sacramento wreaking havoc in many homes, at Roto-Rooter, we have realized that many customers didn't see the issue coming because they didn't pay attention to their plumbing. The fact is, most large problems that we fix are the result of little things going unnoticed for too long. Consider the following as examples of smaller problems that you can manage to prevent larger messes.

• Frozen pipes are a nightmare. We don’t see them often here in California but when that unexpected blast of cold air hits our area, the results aren’t pretty. Pipes freeze, crack, or shatter, flooding will quickly following leading to water damage and expensive cleanup bills. This winter, thousands of people will be dealing with this problem because temperatures will drop to frigid levels. As it gets cold, water in pipes starts to expand and freeze. Trapped air pockets get compressed under the pressure. When the pressure gets too high, the air is forced to escape by making cracks in the pipe. When this happens, pipes can completely shatter. To keep this from happening to your water supply lines this year, beef up the insulation in your walls. Insulation will act as a buffer between pipes and cold temperatures outside. For pipes that are exposed directly to cold temperatures outside, you can wrap them in specially made pipe insulation.
• Clogged drains cause plenty of flooding problems. Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen, there is plenty you can do to fix clogs and get your drains back to normal again. First, take a screwdriver and reach into the drain. Pull out as much gunk and grime as you can. You can even remove the P-traps from sink drains and clean them by hand. After doing this on all the drains in your house, go around and pour Roto-Rooter pipe cleaner or Pipe Shield down them. Let this cleaner sit for a few hours, if possible, so the product can eat away at the clog and strip the drain wall clean. After this time, turn on the hot water and wash it all away.
• To keep your drains clean after a serious clog, use boiling water on them once a week. The water will act as a natural pipe cleaner and keep them super slick and clean always.

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