Plumbing Problems and Solutions from Roto-Rooter

Plumbing Problems and Solutions from Roto-Rooter

While your house can be the place you count on for rest and relaxation when you are not working, it is also a huge source of headaches and frustration. With messes in the backyard, flooding in the basement, and missing shingles on the roof, there is always plenty to worry about. Just when you think all is well, something else creeps up out of the blue. Plumbing is one of those things that seem to pop up and demand your entire attention until sorted out. Roto-Rooter has been the expert since 1935 in home plumbing. With our excellent service, products, and experience, we can help you get things fixed and working again in no time. Consider the following plumbing problems in Minneapolis and tips for DIY care.

A frozen pipe can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage to a home or office. As temperatures drop, the water inside pipes starts to freeze. But believe it or not, it isn't the water that you should be worried about, it is the trapped air. For this reason houses that keep using their water often through winter will hopefully avoid any problems. As water starts to freeze in a pipe, it pushes on trapped pockets of air. As the pressure rises, the air bursts through your pipeline and causes serious cracks or shattering. The best way to avoid frozen pipes this winter is to prepare. Insulation is the best way to keep pipes from freezing. Boost the amount of insulation in your wall and make sure to really wrap up and protect pipelines that are exposed to really low temperatures.

A water heater is another part of your plumbing that comes with baggage. Since water heaters usually only last about 11 years, they are particularly sensitive to the corrosive effects of hard water. To minimize the problems within a water heater, make sure that your water softener is always working. If hard water finds its way into a heater, it can quickly lead to failure and expensive replacement. The best way to keep it up and running and free of issues is to have a technician come out and do an inspection once or twice a year. Follow the prescribed care needed and you can even double the life of your water heater to 20-25 years of use.

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