Plumbing Problems Abound: Roto Rooter Can Help

Plumbing Problems Abound: Roto Rooter Can Help

There is nothing worse than a flooded basement or an overflowing toilet. Plumbing is one of the most used systems in a home, yet we hardly ever take thought as to where our water supply comes from. With plumbing problems both large and small comes headache and expenses. Especially when a leak is overlooked too long, water damage can cost up into the thousands to fix and even more with serious flooding. Here at Roto Rooter we know all about the ins and outs of your plumbing and we want to help you take better care of it. Whether you need us for an emergency or you just need some tips on fixing a leaky faucet, Roto Rooter is here to provide everyone with quality service, great products, and a solution to your problem.

Clogged toilets plague homes and businesses every day. The bathroom is full of plumbing that can quickly get out of hand if ignored for long period of time. The toilet can have plumbing problems ranging from simple clogs to full on leaks that can ruin floors and even affect other parts of the house. Here are some tips to help get your toilet back to normal.

Often times problems arise outside of your home between the sewer line and the toilet. If the problem is serious enough or a backup is severe enough, sewage can actually explode out of the toilet. If you are unfortunate enough to have this happen to you, call a professional right away. Roto Rooter plumbers can arrive on the scene quickly and do a thorough cleaning of your sewage ling all the way out to the street. After a professional cleaning, these extreme problems should stop right away.

If after the cleaning your toilet keeps backing up and the Roto Rooter technician pulled out a root during the visit, we recommend that you use one of our products to help control the growth of future roots. Root X or Roto Rooter Root Destroyer are great for killing and stopping the growth of roots on your sewage line. This will keep your flushes going out of the house and off of the floor.

Roto Rooter is excited to help you not only fix your problem, but also help educate you on proper care of your plumbing. With the help of our online resources, you can troubleshoot your own plumbing needs and find solutions to problems right away. For any other questions or comments, call Roto Rooter today!

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