Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Advice

Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Advice

If your Hamilton, ON, plumbing issues are out of control, consider calling Roto-Rooter to come out and lend a hand. Our technicians are certified and trained to handle anything that your plumbing can throw at them. Using the best products and tools available, our technicians will get the job done right, so you can rest easy. For over 70 years, Roto-Rooter has delivered excellent service to millions of people and continues to be a leader in the plumbing and drain service industry. To help our customers even further, we've assembled this guide for proper water heater care.

Water Heater Maintenance

These units are workhorses that run around the clock, maintaining a large tank of water at a constant temperature. With as much water as they handle day in and day out, it doesn't take long for components to wear out, the system to get dirty, and performance to take a big hit.

Water heaters typically last for eight to eleven years, but with proper care you can almost double that number and ensure that the time is free of failure and serious issues. To keep your water heater working great, you need to make sure that it is always clean.

Water Heater Flush

A water heater flush helps to get rid of the dirt and sediment that gets trapped in the tank.

  1. First, attach a hose to the drainage valve located on the bottom of the water heater.
  2. Second, run that hose to a nearby drain that has enough drainage capacity for all the water.
  3. Third, turn off the cold water going into the tank while it is draining and turn off electricity or gas flow to the water heater.
  4. Next, open hot water faucet somewhere in the house – preferably at the highest point. Then open the drainage valve on the water heater and let the entire tank empty through the hose.
  5. Once the tank is empty, turn the cold water back on and fill the tank.
  6. Let the water continue to drain through the hose. This will flush all the sediment buildup out and leave the tank super clean.
  7. After the tank is clean, firmly turn the drainage valve to the off position before removing the hose and turning on the water supply to the water heater and restoring power.

Plumbing Inspection

To go a step further and make sure that your home plumbing is free of issues is through a home plumbing inspection. A Roto-Rooter technician will come out to your home and make sure that everything is clean, in good repair, and free from defects.

For more information about Hamilton, ON, plumbing services, call Roto-Rooter today.

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