Plumbing Maintenance and Other Laundry Room Tips

Plumbing Maintenance and Other Laundry Room Tips

The laundry room is one of the most important rooms in your home. If either the washing machine or dryer go out you may be facing trips to the Laundromat. Following are five tips to help keep your laundry room running well.

Check the Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machines are usually equipped with rubber hoses for the hot and cold water. These hoses will wear out over time. Check them frequently for any cracks, splits, or leaks. Replace them immediately when you find a problem. If you don't, they could burst and cause flooding. You can find them in the plumbing section of a hardware store. We recommend that you replace rubber hoses every five years or so.

Invest in Stainless Steel Hoses

When you are replacing your washing machine hoses, you may want to consider replacing them with braided, stainless steel hoses. While these may be more expensive, they are much more durable and burst-resistant. If you have any questions about these hoses, give our plumbers a call.

Keep Your Washing Machine Level

Not all floors are perfectly level. You may find this is especially true in a laundry room. Laundry room floors are often designed with a slight slope toward the floor drain. If your washing machine is not level it can rock back and forth during the vigorous spin cycles. It may even crawl forward or backward. This motion is hard on your appliance and may cause damage to the floor or other objects in the room. All appliances are equipped with adjustable legs in the front, and some have adjustable legs in the back. Use a construction level to adjust the height of the legs so that the machine is level in the front, back, side, and diagonally. If you need help adjusting the legs, a Roto Rooter plumber would be more than happy to assist you.

Keep Lint Out of the Pipes

Washing machines generate lint that is usually washed down the drain. The lint can combine with soap scum, grease, paper, and other products that are trying flow through the pipes. To reduce the amount of lint that gets into the pipes and prevent clogs, put a strainer over the openings in the drains, sinks, and laundry hoses. Once a month use Roto Rooter Pipe Shield® to break down grime that isbuilding up on the pipe walls.

Clean the Dryer Lint

The washing machine is not the only appliance that generates lint; a lot of lint is produced in the dryer.When lint builds up it diminishes the effectiveness of your dryer. Moreover it is a fire hazard. You should remove the lint from the lint screen after each load and clean the dryer vent once a year.

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