Plumbing Information for DIY Care

Plumbing Information for DIY Care

Just when you think that you have it all under control, your house throws a curve ball at you. Being a homeowner means constantly learning. You have to acquire skills along the way to fix things, finish projects, and maintain it all at the same time. This can quickly become quite overwhelming. It is for this reason that even the most astute and observant homeowners overlook their plumbing. In fact, so many home and business owners do forget about their plumbing that plumbing in Calgary keeps Roto-Rooter more than busy. With that said, here is a little knowhow from us passed on to you that you can take advantage of when the need arises.

Frozen pipes are extremely hard to deal with. When a line is frozen and becomes cracked or shattered, Roto-Rooter technicians have to use special tools to remove the old water supply line and replace it with a new one. Every winter as the temperatures drop, water inside pipes starts to expand and freeze. What you may not have realized before is that it isn't the ice that is directly responsible for the damage, it is actually the air. Trapped air pockets are pushed and compressed until there is no other escape except to burst through the pipe wall, either cracking or shattering it altogether. When this happens, there's not much you can do except shut off the water to the house to prevent flooding and then call Roto-Rooter to come out and fix things a.s.a.p. The best way to be prepared this year against frozen pipes is insulation. Beef up the insulation in your walls and wrap any exposed pipes with extra fitted insulation and you'll be good as gold when the cold sets in.

Water heaters break down all the time. Because they are constantly running to keep your supply of hot water available at all times, the system can get bogged down if it isn't taken care of frequently. A great way to keep your water heater working all day, everyday is to schedule annual inspections from a trained technician who is familiar with your make and model of heater. Performing periodic maintenance is key for not only keeping it running, but to also extend its life. Since a water heating unit can cost in the high hundreds and even more than $1000 to replace, it is worth the effort to stay on top of things and keep those inspections scheduled every 12 months.

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