Plumbing Crisis: Water Heater Leaking

Plumbing Crisis: Water Heater Leaking

Any  water heater leaking, is not acceptable. When homeowners realize they have a problem with their water heaters, the first thing they do is call Roto-Rooter. We respond to your plumbing problems any time of the day or night. If you look outside on a cold and stormy night, you might see our plumbing truck rambling down the road, headed to a plumbing crisis across town. Perhaps someone had the misfortune of a water main break under his or her house.

Every modern home in the country contains numerous plumbing fixtures besides water heaters. There are sump pumps, the air conditioning and furnace systems, food disposals, toilets, tubs, faucets, and sinks. Not to mention all the hundreds of feet of drain, water, and sewer pipes that run under the house and in the walls. Because all these plumbing implements are hardy, you seldom have any problems with them breaking or wearing out. However, because they are mechanical, they will eventually get old and worn out. Nothing lasts forever. You may recognize a fixture that has given-up because you see a water puddle forming around the fixture. If it is a pipe, you might notice water running from under a wall.

At the first sign of leaking, you should immediately check to find the source. If the leak is large, or you have water spraying fiercely, turn off the main water supply. If you do not know where the valve is located, look along the wall that is facing the street where your main water piping originates. If the water is coming from a plumbing fixture, shut-off the valve to that fixture if possible. Once the water is off, call your Roto-Rooter.

One of our plumbing specialists will inspect and diagnose the problem. He or she will make recommendations on how to repair the problem and you will be provided an estimate detailing all the necessary parts and labor. Once you have approved the project, he or she will make the necessary repairs. It is customary for the Roto-Rooter technicians to clean up any mess they created while working on your plumbing. They also wear shoe coverings so the floors in your home do not get covered in mud and dirt.

If the  water heater leaking is a result of a worn out water heater, Roto-Rooter will assist in helping you choose a new heater for your home and will gladly install it.

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