Plumbing Clogged Up? Call on Roto-Rooter

Plumbing Clogged Up? Call on Roto-Rooter

Have you ever been in your kitchen doing the dishes and find that the water won’t go down the drain? Have you ever come in when the dishwasher is mid cycle and found your sink not draining and dirty water squirting in the air? You switch on the garbage disposal hoping the sink will empty and instead get a face full of water. The culprit involved with these plumbing problems is a clog in your pipe.

The obvious thing to try is liquid drain cleaner down the sink. After you pour it in and wait 15 to 30 minutes you come back and hope that the water has drained.  When it hasn’t, you dig through your tool shed looking for the pipe snake. If it isn’t long enough to reach the blockage you wrack your brain for another solution. A very stubborn and determined individual will drive to the plumbing supply store for a longer snake or a pressure attachment for the hose. After these measures fail to do the trick and you are stuck cleaning up the water you spilled all over the floor, you finally call Roto Rooter.

The root cause of this probelem is undoubtedly the food disposer. When food particles combine with grease in your pipes, clogs are formed. It is important to educate your family members on how to correctly use the disposer if you are going to have one in your home. The water should be turned to a high stream and the disposer needs to run long enough to completely grind up everything and clear it out. Don’t ever put waste like potato or orange peelings into it. Bacon grease or other fats do not belong in the drain either. When doing dishes, scrape the dirty plates into the trash first, not the disposer.

Frequent use of chemical drain cleaners may weaken your pipes over time and actually encourage clog formation. An alternative solution is to use an enzyme product once a month that will help to keep your pipes clean and clear. Your plumbing problems will be more manageable and less in number if you follow these suggestions. Thankfully, Rotor Rooter is available anytime, 24 hours a day to handle these issues.

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