Plumbers Versus Electricians

Plumbers Versus Electricians

When you are talking about new construction there is a battle that goes on all of the time that many innocent bystanders would not have any idea about. Typically the first contractor onto a job after the footing and foundations have been poured and the framers are done with the first level is the plumbers.  The reason this is the case is because they are the least flexible of any of the main contractors that must install things in the ceiling, walls and floor space. Plumbers have to go where they have to go. Electricians can get their wire to almost anywhere and the heating contractors have some flexibility in how they get their stuff installed.

While this is the way it is supposed to happen, it does not always go according to plan. Many electricians feel as though their job is much easier if they can go first, which it is. They also feel like the plumbers can move the electricians wires out of the way or around their items without much effort and therefore they should be the first ones in. This goes over like a ton of bricks, as you can imagine, with the plumbers.

Sometimes wires are stung where pipes need to go or pipes are in the way of an electrical wire run. This is all part of the battle that goes on constantly with these contractors.

The person that should be stepping forward to handle things like this is the project manager for the general contractor. If they will lay down the law before the job progresses to that point and let electrical and plumbing contractors know that there will be consequences.

Although the problem will never completely go away, it is much better if it is handled correctly from the beginning. Plumbers are good people and so are electricians. However, they both know what they want when they walk onto a job and they both can be feisty about such things.

In the end it all works out and everyone is working toward a common goal of finishing the project. However, the cycle will continue again. If you are doing a remodeling or construction project at your home or business, it is best to make sure all of the sub-contractors of various specialties are cooperating and communicating.

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