Plumbers' Guide to Better Toilet Bowl Care

Plumbers' Guide to Better Toilet Bowl Care

Are you new to home plumbing? Do you know where to begin? Are you looking for someone to give you a hand and help you get started on the right foot? Since 1935 we have been helping Roto-Rooter customers get the information they need to maximize the effectiveness of our products for the upkeep and maintenance of home and commercial plumbing systems. The Manchester plumbers at Roto-Rooter are proud to be part of a name associated with quality and excellent customer service. No matter what your situation is, we can help. To better assist our customers, we have compiled this guide for improved toilet maintenance.

Things You Will Need

 Toilet plunger—this is a must-have for every bathroom in the house. When a problem arises, a plunger will be able to take care of it most of the time.

  • Work gloves—whether you prefer rubber or plastic, work gloves will help you stay clean when things get extra dirty.
  • Plumbing snake—when the plunger fails, the snake will get you down into the heart of the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Pipe cleaners and enzymes—Roto-Rooter products will help improve the system and prevent future issues.

Steps for Success 

Use the following steps to get the job done right the first time:

Do not continue to flush the toilet when it begins to clog. Even light clogs can keep water from flowing fast enough to keep up with the toilet bowl refilling itself. To keep water from overflowing, do not flush again until you have plunged.

  1. With the toilet plunger, work the clog until the water has drained completely and then flush again. In most cases, the plunger will get rid of the clog.
  2. However, if the toilet remains clogged, grab a pair of work gloves and locate your plumbing snake. With the snake in hand, push it through the drainage system all the way down to the clog. The snake will then need to be twisted several times so that the hook can grab onto whatever is stuck in your pipe. Once it is hooked, you will be able to push it through. Repeat this step several times if necessary.
  3. Use cleaners and enzymes to help keep plumbing flow clean and clear of debris and buildup. These are available for purchase from your local plumbers at Roto-Rooter.
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