Plumbers Can Help You Install a New Utility Sink in Your Laundry Room

Plumbers Can Help You Install a New Utility Sink in Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is usually one of the most despised rooms in a home. Most people don’t consider laundry to be a fun activity. Nonetheless, the laundry room is a necessity for every home. Thankfully, there are several great ways to improve the utility of the laundry room and make it more interesting to spend time in. We’ve outlined five of the best ways to improve your laundry room below:

  1. Install a utility sink: A utility sink is one of the best ways to make your laundry room more useful. It enables you to use the room for more than one purpose. A utility sink is especially useful if your laundry room is located near a door to the outside. A sink will allow your family to wash their hands and potentially their shoes. This will prevent germs and dirt from spreading around in your home. It is best to consult professional plumbers in Indianapolis, like the ones at Roto-Rooter, if you are planning to install a utility sink.
  2. Decorate for pleasure: Changing up the décor in your laundry room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make it a more inviting place to spend time. There are several ways you can alter the décor to improve your space. Installing short curtains above your washer and dryer can make the laundry room feel multipurpose. Painting an accent wall in a bright color is another way to liven up your laundry room. Yellow is a popular color to inspire laundry room liveliness.
  3. Add more counter space: It can be a pain to pull your clean clothes from the dryer, throw them into a bin, and take them to the bedroom to fold. By installing counter space in your laundry room, you create a comfortable place to quickly fold your clean clothing. There are many types of counter top to choose from. Formica is popular in laundry rooms because of its relative durability and low price. However, if you want to get fancy you can purchase granite or quartz composite counter tops.

As you’ve seen, there are several ways to liven up your laundry room. It doesn’t have to be the most boring, least loved room in your home anymore. Make sure to contact Roto-Rooter if you are going to change anything related to your plumbing. We will recommend one of our great plumbers in Indianapolis to help you with your plumbing needs.

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