Plumbers Advice and Tips from Roto-Rooter

Plumbers Advice and Tips from Roto-Rooter

Have you ever called plumbers in Jersey City to come out to your house? With one problem down, another one may be just around the corner. Like putting your finger in a small hole in the dam, you are just taking care of a very small part of a very large system. Here at Roto-Rooter we are all about customer care. Our service has been the plumbing service of choice of millions of customers since 1935. From day one, we enter homes with the desire to fix the problem and make sure that we can spot potential issues before they every happen. With our help and a little knowhow on your part, you can have great plumbing that hardly every gives you headaches.

Frozen pipes affect thousands of people every winter. For example, older couples take off for the winter and come home in the spring to find that their plumbing has been thrashed by frozen, cracked, and even shattered waterlines. Most freezing can be avoided through regularly running water through a line. For anyone living at home all winter, just you being there will do a lot. In other cases, pipes that are exposed to very cold temperatures are at high risk. In reality, it isn't the ice that is the actual problem; it is the air that is trapped inside. As the water freezes and expands, the trapped air is under a lot of pressure. Eventually it bursts through the pipe and causes cracks and shattering. To avoid this, make sure that all pipes running along outer walls of your house are well insulated. If you need to boost the insulation you already have in there, do it. For pipes that run along outside or underground, wrapping them in high quality insulation will do the job nicely, too.

  • Leaky faucets are another problem that is extremely common. Did you know that a singly drippy faucet wastes on average about $20 of water a month? If you have a few of those around, make the repairs quickly and save yourself a bundle this month! Water starts to seep through small crack in faucets and eventually ruin the faucet head. If you catch it quickly, all you need to do is replace the sealant washer inside and you will be back in business with a like new faucet.

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