Plumber Video Camera Inspections

Plumber Video Camera Inspections

When you flush the toilet does it empty slowly? Does water back up in your shower? Do you why these problems are occurring? There are many reasons why you could be experiencing plumbing problems, everything from grease or hair clogs to a collapsed sewer line. Before you can get the problem fixed, you need to know what the problem is in the first place. Plumbers are finding great success in diagnosing problems with the use of a video camera.

Problems in Older Homes

If you live in an older home the possibility of having major problems with your plumbing is high. Older pipes were often made out of cast iron or clay. These pipes are not as durable as the PVC or copper pipes that are used today. The older pipes were often put together with segments that were three feet long. Over time, these sections corrode, rust out, get cracked, or develop other problems. Naturally, the type of the problem you experience determines the solution, which is where a video camera inspection is helpful.

How a Video Camera Works

A plumber will insert a water-resistant camera down your drains. The camera is attached to a flexible snake that will push it through the line. As it travels along the pipes, it sends back a digital image to a monitor. The plumber records the image and uses it to diagnose the problem.

Benefits of Using a Video Camera

A video camera is an excellent way to diagnose any major plumbing problem. Using a video camera allows you to do the following:

  • Save money by giving you precise information you can use to determine the most cost-effective solution.
  • Receive real-time video footage of the inside of your pipes.
  • Locate the exact location of the problem inside the pipes.
  • Identify the depth of the pipe before you start digging.
  • Get a diagnosis of the problem without digging up your yard to find it out.
  • Save the information for future use.
  • Discover problems while they are still small.
  • Inspect work that has been completed to make sure it is correct.

Discover Different Problems in Your Water Line

A plumbing company can use a video camera to pinpoint various problems such as the following:

  • Roots growing in your main water line
  • Broken or cracked pipes
  • Calcium and mineral buildup on the inside of the pipes
  • Joints that are cracked or leaking
  • Joints that have shifted with settling ground and are no longer sealed
  • Low spots in your water main where debris can settle and cause a clog
  • Clogs caused by grease, food, and hair
  • Collapsed or disintegrated pipes
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