Plumber Tips to Reduce Water Pipe Noise

Plumber Tips to Reduce Water Pipe Noise

Are you looking for an plumber who can help you finally get rid of all of the different water pipe noise going on in your walls? When the shower turns on in the morning, do you hear a loud hissing and rattling noise? Does a creepy banshee shriek in your wall when the toilet is flushed? To address water pipe noise appropriately, make notes of when and where you hear sounds in relation to water use. Reporting this information to a Roto-Rooter technician will help him or her resolve the issue. You don’t need to suffer through crazy noises any longer. Roto-Rooter can help you sort things out.

Water Pipe Noise

No matter what kind of noise you are hearing from the walls, it usually is not a problem that needs to be fixed right away. Even brand new houses will have waterlines that creak and squeal like tortured squirrels for no particular reason other than extraneous circumstances not connected with poor water flow, leaking, or flooding.

Water Hammer

 No, this isn't a tool Poseidon uses to compete with Thor. Rather, it is a loud banging noise when your water is turned on or off. If you notice excessive rattling, banging, and clanking in your home plumbing system as water is being turned on or off, there is a good chance that it is due to excessive pressure in the system. Normally, water pressure shouldn't be over sixty psi. If for some reason there is more pressure than necessary, your faucets and waterlines may be at risk of developing serious leaks that could turn into sources of flooding.

To relieve system pressure permanently call a Roto-Rooter technician to come out and perform a system inspection. He or she will be able to address the issue, measure the pressure, and even install pressure relief valves throughout the system.

Hissing, Shrieking, and Whistling

These types of noises are usually due to a bent or warped washer somewhere along the waterline. As water passes by the protruding metal piece it creates a loud sound. In addition, if there are air bubbles in the water as well, the noise can be amplified to sound much louder and more serious than it actually is. Again, these noises don’t usually result in plumbing issues; they are just a cause for annoyance. If you truly can’t live with the sound, in order to minimize the noise, a plumber will have to pull out the sheetrock to address the issue.

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