Plumber Tips for Better Drainage from Roto-Rooter

Plumber Tips for Better Drainage from Roto-Rooter

Taking care of a home can be quite the exciting venture, especially if it is your first experience. Owning a home is such an important responsibility because it gives you a place to escape to and live comfortably. It is a place where families grow, friends gather, and memories are made. To create an environment that is conducive to peaceful living, you need to know a few things that will help you in the long run with the upkeep and repair of different areas of your property. One area that is especially important is the plumbing. Over time, you will experience quite a few issues with the plumbing if you do not keep up on things. Since 1935, Roto-Rooter has been the plumber in Ridgewood, NY, that people trust the most. With a keen eye for pinpointing problems and the ability to resolve them quickly is what we have become famous for. To help aid our customers even more before we ever come out to the house, here is a guide for getting started with your own do-it-yourself home plumbing repairs.


Clogged Toilets


When the toilet gets clogged, nobody is happy. The most important thing to have stowed by the side of your toilet bowl is a plunger. No matter how serious a clog ends up being, a plunger will help the bowl drain, without spreading the mess all over the floor. If you can plunge vigorously for five to ten minutes, you will be able to work out most clogs that develop. For those blockages that are beyond your abilities, you need to turn to professional tools. A plumbing snake is a great tool that helps remove serious blockages. It is a super long and skinny metal tool that snakes along the drainpipe with a claw on the end. Twist the snake repeatedly as you feed it into the drain. This motion allows plenty of opportunity for the claw to grab onto the problem to make it easier to yank out or push through.




Most house calls that we respond to have some kind of drainage block due to dirt and grime buildup inside of the drainpipe. The best way to prevent this problem from happening so often is with Roto-Rooter pipe cleaners. These strong chemicals will eat away buildup and even reinforce drainpipe walls to prevent them from breaking down over time.


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