Plumber's Crack Solutions

Plumber's Crack Solutions

I saw this story in the Salt Lake Tribune that no doubt caught the attention of some of you, especially if you're a plumber Salt Lake City has more than a few plumbers out there whose pants droop down while handling some poor customer's kitchen plumbing jobs.  

The 'plumber's crack' story is the stuff of legend and always worthy of a chuckle. It probably really took off back in the late 70s when Saturday Night Live's Dan Ackroyd performed in a sketch as a refrigerator repairman who was called to a house to repair an old Norge refrigerator. Two teens, played by Bill Murray and Gilda Radner, mocked him mercilessly for his exposed, ahem, butt crack. It's surprising how many people remember that sketch but in their memory, they're certain Ackroyd played a plumber. He didn't but plumber's have been saddled, often stereotyped with the notorious reputation ever since.

Yes, lots of men in every profession suffer from the condition where their belly is larger than their hips so their belt and pants naturally slip down below their round bellies, often exposing their 'fault line.' Lots of solutions have been offered up but the two best ones are suspenders and coveralls. Got that, plumber Salt Lake City? And then there is this remarkably simple solution, a t-shirt that has a longer tail is the back to cover the area:
It's a great idea and would probably solve the problem for most guys.

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