Piping Plumber: Repairing Pipe Problems

Piping Plumber: Repairing Pipe Problems

Do you often hear mysterious banging sounds coming from your utility room? When you investigate this nuisance, you find that there is nothing evident that could possibly be making this sound. However, when you dig even deeper and call your local Roto-Rooter plumber, you find that your water pipes are the culprit.

Banging pipes are caused by uneven pressure in the piping system along with a pipe that is loose enough to hit against a wall stud or adjacent structure. You will notice this banging most often when you abruptly turn off the water or when your toilet float valve suddenly shuts off after the tank is refilled.

To fix the banging problem, talk to your plumbing specialist. He may decide to adjust your home’s incoming water pressure or secure the loose piping so that there is no more possibility of banging.

The next time you have some spare time, sit down and meditate about all the many linear feet of piping and tubing that services your home. Plastic and copper piping and tubing bring water into your home. Large plastic pipes deliver the waste into the sewage stacks and out into your community’s sewage system or to your septic tank.

These pipes are made of very hardy materials that seldom have problems. However, like all manmade materials, pipes are subject to aging and wear and tear. Leaks can pop up in joints and elbows of the system where glue or solder has been used to connect ends or fittings. It is also possible to have enough friction in liquid to wear thin spots in pipes over the span of many years.

If you ever discover a water leak coming from your ceiling or from your walls, it is a good time to call the Roto-Rooter service center. They will send out a plumber who is experienced in pipe repairs. He will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs to fix your plumbing.

Your plumbing expert can be called at any time during the day or night, seven days a week. He will perform your repairs, clean-up his mess, and leave your home as good as when he found it.

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