Pipe Issues: Preventing Serious Problems

Pipe Issues: Preventing Serious Problems

Under normal circumstances, it should be easy to keep up the demands of a property. For homeowners, this involves doing basic yard work, repairs around the house, and standard cleaning. Older homes, however, come with their own set of issues and seem to step out of line more often that you would like. One system in particular that suffers with age is the plumbing. As a plumbing system ages, it becomes susceptible to serious problems such as leaking and blockage. To help prevent these issues from causing serious damage to your home, call a Roto-Rooter technician today to come out and perform a full system inspection. Roto-Rooter professionals will be able to pinpoint problematic areas and help you put together a plan of action to keep things running smoothly. On top of that, we have assembled this guide to make pipe issues easier to resolve and prevent.

Bursting Pipelines

If a pipeline decides to burst, you can potentially face thousands of dollars worth of water damage restoration repairs. In walls that don't get any sunlight during the winter, waterlines can be exposed to frigid temperatures at any time of day. When a pipe freezes over, it can usually be thawed out with the right tools and a serious problem can be avoided. If, however, air inside of the pipe is under too much pressure from the buildup of surrounding ice, the air will bust open the pipe wall, which could potentially shatter the entire line. To prevent this from happening, make sure to boost the insulation in those walls. Also, you can wrap each pipe individually with specially fitted pipe insulation. If that isn't enough, installing electrical heating tape will guarantee that lines do not freeze over.

Leaking Pipes

There are a lot of different things that can cause a leak in a pipeline to develop. One of the most common causes is high water pressure. Typically, water pressure should never rise above 60 psi. If the system is exposed to high pressures for enough time, waterlines will start to move and shift to adjust and could spring a leak. To prevent this from happening, have a certified Roto-Rooter technician inspect the water regulator on the property and make the appropriate adjustments to get water pressure back to a normal level.

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