Pipe Concerns in Older Homes

Pipe Concerns in Older Homes

Many older homes that were constructed more than 40 or 50 years ago were built with materials that are no longer considered optimal, or in some cases, safe! Galvanized, or zinc coated, piping was popular decades ago in order to prevent the iron pipes beneath from rusting. Once these pipes are corroded or the lead galvanized coating wears off they will eventually rust and the inside diameter will gradually grow narrower until water can barely flow through them. Any licensed and qualified Queens plumber will tell you this will cause major problems in your home’s plumbing system and water supply.

The most common sign of the rusting of your galvanized pipes is rust developing around the front surfaces of the dishwasher and other fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. There are potential healths risks involved in the rusting of your iron, formerly galvanized pipes, which include the leakage of the rust and/or lead into the water supply of the home or business in which case the water often tastes bad and becomes discolored. This contaminated water is not good for any customer or family member to consume. Another sign that the iron pipes are failing is gradual lowering of water pressure. Lead galvanized coatings present serious health risks of their own. Lead has been linked to brain damage and should be replaced with safer piping materials as soon as possible.

There are some specialized chemical treatments that can be done to the water supply pipes to rid them of rust and other impurities but it is expensive and only a temporary fix. To truly protect the inhabitants from lead, iron oxide and other contaminants, the best solution is to replace old lead or iron pipes with pure copper, PVC or the new PEX water supply lines. Pipe replacement can be a big job, but for the sake of your future, family and business it is a better route to take. It is also wise when purchasing a home to inquire about the age and material of the piping in the house and recognize the issues and problems that may occur in the future with galvanized or lead plumbing.  

To have your pipes inspected and potentially replaced, call your local Queens Roto-Rooter technician to come and solve your rusty pipe problems.

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