Now is the time to prepare your plumbing for winter

Now is the time to prepare your plumbing for winter

If you’ve ever had a pipe freeze in your home then you already know it’s more than an inconvenience. But if you’ve ever had a pipe freeze, burst and flood your home then you know how much damage is caused and how much it costs to fix the pipe and the water damage.

We see the damage caused by frozen pipe every winter. We also see the damage caused to homes when ice dams form in roof gutters and prevent water from draining away from the house. Most homeowners do not enjoy spending their weekends doing preventive maintenance but it really doesn’t take much effort to winterize your plumbing. A bit of prevention goes a long way when it comes to your plumbing. The time to do these tasks in in October or November before the worst cold weather arrives in most areas.

The first thing you need to do is disconnect outside garden hoses. When the water inside them freezes, it expands and can damage the faucet. If your outside faucet is dripping when turned off, it was probably damaged by a freeze last winter. Fix it before this winter or you could have an even bigger problem on your hands.

It’s also time to adjust the temperature on your water heater. 125 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum temperature to deliver a reliable supply of hot water while also eliminating the scald risk. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly people living in the house. If you have the skills, it’s also a good time to drain sediment form your water heater’s tank so that it can operate as efficiently as possible. This is not an easy plumbing job so if you’ve never done it before do your research before getting started or call a plumber. Don’t risk hurting yourself or damaging your water heater.

Watch this helpful plumbing winterization video from Roto-Rooter for a full range of winterizing tasks that you can do to keep your plumbing operating in tip-top shape all winter long.

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