Noisy Pipes: Handling a Flood Problem

Noisy Pipes: Handling a Flood Problem

Do you think about your plumbing fixtures on a regular basis? Do you count the minutes that you are able to enjoy hot water in the shower before it runs out and turns cold? Perhaps you often hear noisy pipes as you are trying to sleep in your older but stylish condominium complex. No matter what the situation, if those plumbing fixtures decide to break or need replacement, Roto-Rooter is ready to help.

A professional plumber will respond to your home any time of the day or night, seven days a week. For example, you are suddenly awakened in the night to the sound of water running. You proceed to run through the house to determine the source of the running water sounds. You find that in your basement, a main water line has broken in your wall and a flood of water is transforming your family room into a family swimming pool.

You shut off your home’s main water valve and then you do something that you have never done before–you call your friends in the plumbing business in the middle of the night. The dispatch worker takes your information and assures you that an experienced plumber will be arriving shortly. Almost before you can hang up your phone and get dressed, you hear a light tapping at your door.

At the door with his tools and clipboard in hand, your Roto-Rooter plumber has arrived. He diagnoses your pipe problem and assures you that he can fix it quickly. He hands you the estimate of costs, so you can see exactly what he will be doing to repair the problem, then he goes to work. Within a short time, he is putting his tools back in his truck and cleaning up the work area.

Your technician informs you that the noisy pipes you have been hearing at night were a small problem that escalated into a bigger problem. As the pipes rattled and banged because of the uneven pressure in the pipe system, one of the pipe joints finally came loose. Because it was a main water line with continual pressure, there was nowhere for the water to go but all over your family room. He assured you that the pipe was correctly repaired and would no longer be making any more rattling and banging noises during the night.

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