Need Water Heater Repair? Roto-Rooter Will Be There

Need Water Heater Repair? Roto-Rooter Will Be There

Did your lovely hot shower end too quickly this morning? Are you wondering why the hot water ran out so quickly? It sounds like you need to call Roto-Rooter for a water heater repair in Phoenix. You may need to have the heating element replaced, or it could be time to replace the whole unit.

Is there water leaking from your water heater? The first thing you need to do is to check all the fittings and make sure they aren’t the culprit. Make sure they are tight. If water continues to leak, your tank may be worn out and corroded. This happens if the anode rod inside your tank has worn out and not been replaced. Addressing this problem while the leak is small will save you from a complete water heater failure. Call Roto-Rooter for a water heater repair in Phoenix as soon as possible or you could end up with the entire contents of the water heater on your floor. Then you really will have a mess to deal with.

If it is determined that your old tank water heater needs replacing, consider getting the tankless variety. These work on an on-demand system and are very energy efficient. Instead of heating and reheating the water like the tank systems, they only heat it when you turn on the hot water. They will cost you more than the traditional tank variety, but they will last longer.

One thing you can do to extend the life of your water heater is to have it serviced regularly by Roto-Rooter. If you schedule an appointment about once a year to have everything checked, then any maintenance issues will be handled in a timely manner and not be allowed to get big and problematic.

As a homeowner, the maintenance is up to you and if you want to protect your investment, it is better to get service people in regularly to keep everything in tiptop condition, rather than to wait until things break down and need to be replaced. Many of the maintenance tasks you can do yourself. If you are unsure of how to do something, there are books at your library or web sites that you can visit to find instructions on how to fix or maintain just about anything you can think of. Just think of the satisfaction you will feel as you learn various skills and are able to repair things around the house, rather than having to call a repairperson.

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