Need Help With Your Plumbing? Call Roto-Rooter!

Need Help With Your Plumbing? Call Roto-Rooter!

Keeping your plumbing in Overland Park flowing smoothly is just one of many responsibilities you face as a homeowner. Whether you have a well maintained home, or one that is falling to bits is determined by the level of effort you put into it. You will need to get a handle on all those repairs and tasks that come with home ownership if you are to protect your investment. While this may be a bit daunting, you can be successful if you use some helpful tools.

One of these tools is a maintenance calendar. It is quite simple to make and will help you to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Walk around your home, inside and out, and make a list of all the things that have to be repaired, maintained, or serviced. Some jobs need doing weekly, while others are monthly, quarterly, or annually. For instance, staining the fence and sealing your patio only needs to be done once a year. Fertilizing the lawn and spraying it with weed killer has to be done several times a year. Mowing the lawn is usually done every week.

Now you can start entering the tasks into your maintenance calendar. Spread them out so that you don’t have too much to do at once. Don’t forget to coordinate this calendar with your work and family calendars. Make appointments at the first of every month, for any professional servicing that is needed. Does your water heater need a tune up? Call the experts in plumbing in Overland Park at Roto-Rooter and schedule a service visit. Doing this once every couple of years should suffice unless you have hard water, in which case an annual tune-up might be required.

With everything scheduled at its own particular time, you can easily keep up with repairs and maintenance. If an emergency comes up, don’t hesitate to reschedule other tasks to a different day. Obviously getting the dishwasher fixed is a bit more pressing than sharpening the blades on your lawn mower. Remember that this schedule is a tool to make your life easier, not one to stress you out. If things get crazy at work one week, reschedule home maintenance jobs for when things calm down.

When complicated issues arise, you can rest easy knowing that professionals like those at Roto-Rooter in Overland Park will come and help you anytime—day or night. Just call us and one our certified technicians will be at your door with the tools and expertise to solve your problem.


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