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Winter Plumbing Protection In Mooresville | Roto-Rooter

Winter Plumbing Protection In Mooresville

Keep these things in mind to protect your plumbing this winter.

Winter plumbing protection in Mooresville, North Carolina is important as the winter weather can be harsh. As unpleasant as the freezing temperatures can be for you, they can lead to even more bad news for your plumbing. This year, however, don't let the freezing temperatures get the best of your plumbing. Follow these easy winter pluming protection tips to from your Roto-Rooter plumber to safeguard your pipes from the falling temperatures:

Disconnect all outside hoses and cover hose bibs with insulation kits

When connected garden hoses freeze, the cold travels all the way up the hose and into the hose bib faucet. Once this freezes, water supply line that connects it to the rest of your plumbing can freeze and crack when the ice expands. It doesn’t matter if the pipe is made of copper, plastic or even steel. You can purchase inexpensive foam insulation kits at your local hardware store for just a couple of bucks. They fit tightly over the outdoor faucet and will shield it from cold temperatures and wind chill.

Try letting your at risk faucets drip

Frozen pipes are among the most notable problems that occur during the cold seasons. In addition to leading to inconveniences for you and your family, the resulting damage from a frozen pipe that bursts is extensive and costly to repair. Don't let that happen to you this winter! One of the reasons your pipes will freeze over the winter is because the cold temperatures prevent water flow, which leads to freezing. Help prevent frozen pipes by leaving both the hot and cold faucets in your home dripping over the colder months to keep water moving through the pipes. You only need to do this on faucets and tubs whose water supply pipes run along outside walls of the house.

Add insulation to pipes

This rule is most important for your exposed pipes. If you live in an older home, odds are you have plenty of pipes that are exposed in your house. But don't worry - insulating your pipes is a fairly easy task. You can help prevent frozen pipes by simply picking up pipe insulation sleeves from your local hardware store. Fit them around all exposed pipes. Although it may seem like a rudimentary solution to a potentially major problem, adding insulation to your pipes will significantly lower the chances of water freezing inside them.

Make sure your furnace is in good shape for the winter

Another great winter plumbing protection tip is to make sure that you keep your house at a warm temperature. Your heating system is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Keep your thermostat at a warmer temperature, at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, during the winter and double-check that the air blowing out of the vents is in fact warm air. In the same vein, make sure there's nothing blocking the air flow from your air ducts.

All of these great winter plumbing protection tips will help prevent frozen pipes and reduce the chance of bigger plumbing problems from occurring in your home during the winter months. For more useful information about to winterize your plumbing or to schedule an appointment with your Mooreville Roto-Rooter plumbing professional call 704-664-6949 today.

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