Mold: When to Handle Yourself or When to Call the New Orleans Plumber

Mold: When to Handle Yourself or When to Call the New Orleans Plumber

MoldIn any structure, mold is possibly one of the most dangerous substances that can easily get out of hand if not appropriately removed. This is because most homes and buildings have ideal temperatures and food sources – e.g. dust and dirt – for mold to grow from. The third requirement, moisture, is what really gives life to these spores and will be necessary for homeowners to regulate. Let's take a look at some mold situations that you can handle yourself as well as when you'll need to call a plumber:

Do it yourself

Contrary to popular belief, not all mold is cause for alarm. Extended periods of mold growth can certainly impact allergies and respiratory ailments, but if you clean it right away, it shouldn't be a problem. Mold commonly grows around kitchen sinks, along exterior door thresholds, in bathrooms with poor ventilation and in basements by sump pumps and water heaters. Fortunately, this mold can normally be cleaned with soap, water and other household cleaners. Bleach and water mixtures can also be used for issues that are harder to scrub.

Out of all the likely areas for mold to grow, the bathroom is the one that you'll have to monitor the most. Mold will likely spring up in the grout, shower tiles, along the tub and even on the ceiling if there isn't enough air flow. Normally, these occurrences are commonplace enough that you can handle them yourself with regular cleaning practices. Always turning on the bathroom fan when you bathe, and then leaving it on for 30 minutes to let out the moisture afterward. This will help minimize the damage of mold and even prevent it from springing up in the future.

Bring in the pro

When left to its own devices, mold can become very dangerous. Perhaps you bought a house that had mold growing, or maybe your home that you've established has had mold in its walls for years. These situations normally aren't apparent until they've become more serious, necessitating the consultation and actions of a professional.

Homeowners should contact a plumbing expert when mold develops following a flood, when it covers a large area and if you aren't sure how to do the job correctly. It's imperative to take the right steps to protect yourself from mold-related illnesses.

Moldy wood and black mold are certainly major occurrences that should not be tackled alone. A plumbing expert like Roto-Rooter can help you clean up after a flood, as well as fix structural issues and clear away the deadly black mold from your home. There are certain situations where it's easy to take care of mold yourself, but when the problem becomes bigger, a professional can help make your home safe to live in again.

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