Minneapolis Cold Creates Plumbing Problems | Roto-Rooter Blog

Minneapolis Cold Creates Plumbing Problems | Roto-Rooter Blog

No matter who you are, no one is exempt from the inevitable run in with serious plumbing problems at some point. It is especially easy to have serious problems with plumbing arise because often time's we do not see what the source of the issue actually is. While most of your plumbing is out of sight, it should never remain out of mind. Never taking any steps to clean or maintain your plumbing can lead to serious flooding and very expensive damage to your home or business. Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis is all about helping you get the right information so you can prevent these types of situations from arising.Providing years of quality service and great products has made us the number one name in plumbing care. Take the following information into consideration to help prevent plumbing issues.

Frozen pipes happen a lot to our customers, especially those in Minneapolis and other northern cities that have very cold winters. Pipes running too shallow underground and throughout under-insulated walls can easily be exposed to extremely cold temperatures and freeze quickly. When this happens, you are in for a whole list of serious problems as a result, namely flooding and the results of water damage.

An easy way to prevent frozen pipes is to insulate vulnerable pipes with foam pipe wrap insulation or even thermostat-controlled heat cables, which have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The cable is flexible and can be wrapped around a pipe to provide enough heat to prevent freezing. There are other options for hunting cabins and vacation homes that are largely abandoned during winter. Water can be completely drained from pipes to eliminate the risk of freezing. A professional plumber can evaluate each situation and prescribe options.

If you are staying home throughout the winter, most of the time constant use of water pipes is enough to prevent them from freezing and cracking open. When they do crack, they always have to be replaced and that can cost quite a bit of dough for the common man or woman. Even pipes that run inside the house walls can easily freeze when set against outer walls. Adding more insulation between the wall and the pipes is a really easy way to protect them from freezing. Wrapping pipes in insulated materials is like adding a winter coat to your body. You can feel the difference and so can your pipes. Prevention is everything when it comes to frozen pipes. Every option is reactionary and expensive. 

For more great tips and tricks to better care for your home plumbing, check out our website for great information. With the help of Roto Rooter, we can find solutions to plumbing problems large and small.

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