Making Your Plumbing Environmentally Friendly in Kingwood

Making Your Plumbing Environmentally Friendly in Kingwood

Green HomeIn order to conserve resources and take care of the Earth, businesses and homeowners alike have made efforts to go green and be more environmentally friendly. However, some are certainly making a bigger impact than others. Kingwood and other cities across the nation can learn from these efforts to pursue green initiatives. An easy way to do this is to make your plumbing more environmentally friendly.

Inspect current fixtures

Before going all-out for green fixtures, it's important to understand what you currently have. A simple water leak may be costing you money in the long run, and fixing this issue may go a long way toward being more eco-friendly. The average household can leak up to 10,000 gallons every year, amounting to 1 trillion gallons nationwide. Leaking valves, dripping faucets and worn toilet flappers are all common culprits in these situations, and they can be easily fixed without having to tear out or replace the entire fixture.

Go with the low-flow

Traditional toilets and shower heads waste a significant amount of water. 27 percent of the water consumed in a home is used by toilets, with some older models utilizing 7 gallons per flush. Homes would benefit from replacing these toilets with low-flow ones, which use about 2 gallons per flush. Similarly, low-flow shower heads reduce water consumption from 5 to 8 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons or fewer, while still delivering optimal shower pressure. These models have significantly improved over time to provide a positive experience, save money and conserve natural resources.

If you chose to install a low-flow shower heads, you will be saving money in two ways. First, the amount of water you use while showering and second, the amount of energy you are using to heat up the water for your steamy shower.

Get creative with your water

Homeowners have the option of being more eco-friendly by using alternate sources of water, like rainwater runoff, for irrigation, flushing toilets and washing cars. This is a creative way to use natural resources and save in the long run. Greywater from baths, washing machines and showers can also be reused for these purposes. Although you wouldn't want to drink this water, it will be beneficial for making that garden grow without having to pump out water from the hose.

Water is one of our most precious resources, and by making plumbing more environmentally friendly, homeowners can help conserve it. For a consultation with your area plumbing expert, call Roto-Rooter to determine what other ways you can go green with your plumbing.

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