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Recover Jewelry Stuck in a Bathroom Drain

June 28, 2016

Whether you took your ring off to wash your hands, or placed it on the counter where it slipped down the drain, losing jewelry in your bathroom drain can happen to anyone.

When you are trying to recover jewelry from a drain, you can consider the DIY method or call your local Roto-Rooter plumbing expert for professional assistance.

Here are two ways to recover jewelry stuck in your drain:

The magnet trick

Try retrieving jewelry stuck in your drain with a heavy duty magnet. Simply tie the magnet to a piece of string and slowly lower it down the drain. Fish around until you are able to pull up the jewelry.

Dismantle the P-trap and J-bend

Sometimes dismantling the P-trap located underneath the sink can be the easiest and most effective way to recover jewelry from a drain. Dismantling the P-trap and J-bend can actually be quite easy and on plastic drains, it can be done without using tools.

*Always remember to turn off the main water supply off first to help prevent the item from being flushed into the sewer line.

Locate the P-trap, which is the J-shaped pipe under the sink. Place a bucket underneath the J-bend to help capture any water that flows out. Next, unscrew the trap by loosening the slip nuts (an object allowing a flexible yet watertight connection between drain pipes and their traps) on either side of the J-bend. Once the nuts are removed, the pipe will become loose and (along with the obvious debris, hair and grime), you will hopefully find your jewelry.

For more information, view Roto-Rooter’s helpful tips to locate and retrieve jewelry from sink drains online. Our informative video on How to Recover Jewelry from a Drain demonstrates a few retrieval methods from the professionals.  

For additional help on how to dismantle the P-­trap and J­-bend, contact your local Roto-­Rooter professional or schedule service today.


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