Is Your Water Leaking? Call the Plumbers at Roto-Rooter

Is Your Water Leaking? Call the Plumbers at Roto-Rooter

Are you having some trouble with your plumbing? Is there a leak that you can’t find? When you are the homeowner, there are a lot of responsibilities associated with keeping your home maintained. Any time something breaks down or wears out, it is up to you to take care of it. It’s nice to know that, when you are considering which plumbers in Oklahoma City to call, you can always count on Roto-Rooter to come quickly and take care of any plumbing issues in a professional and timely manner. Our technicians are friendly, competent, and will have you back in business in no time.

Leaking water is always a worry. It can cause so much damage if it goes unaddressed. Water pooling where it shouldn’t, means immediate action on your part if you want to avoid ruined floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings. If the source of the water is not apparent then you need to call Roto-Rooter’s professional plumbers in Oklahoma City to diagnose your problem and get it fixed.

One thing you can do immediately if you have water pouring on your floor is to turn off your water main shut-off valve. It is very important that you and your family members know where to find this valve and how to turn it off. You may find it helpful to show them all how to do it and explain when to do it. This action alone will save a lot of cleanup on your part.

After you get the water stopped, and have assessed what the problem is likely caused from, call Roto-Rooter and we will fix your pipe break, clog, or whatever the issue is. Many times, a pipe freezes then breaks and you are unaware of it for a while. If it is a pipe that goes to an outside faucet, you won’t know until spring when you use it to water the flowers or wash the car. You’ll come inside the house after finishing your task and there will be water everywhere.

If you want to avoid mold and mildew, you will need to get an industrial utility vacuum and begin water removal immediately. Wet carpet can be dried out fairly easily, but the pad underneath will have to be replaced. When you’ve sucked all the water out then put fans around the room and turn up the thermostat.

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